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When an individual is caught up in the web of addiction, it is usually very difficult to break free, especially if they are making such attempts on their own. When you have a good grasp on how substance abuse works, you would then have the full understanding why it is usually so difficult to overcome.

Addiction can be defined as a brain disease- a chronic one, which is exhibited by the psychological and physical reliance on drugs, alcohol or sometimes a behaviour. When the addictive disorder has been created, the individual would be totally dependent on their habits, and they would not mind if there are adverse effects which are attached to it.

Addiction is very powerful, as it has the capacity to greatly affect the way a person feels, acts and thinks as well. A good number of people have addictive disorders, and they are aware of its presence. However, they find it very hard to stop all by themselves.

An addict would tell you that, at first, it was very tempting to try out those addictive substances or carry out the addictive act, with the intention of doing it just for the first time. However, there is a high tendency for things not to work out as planned, as they would find themselves doing those things, or using those substances over and over again.

When substances are consumed on a regular basis, or some specific acts are committed, the person begins to develop what is known as tolerance. This tolerance takes place when there is a need for you to make use of more amounts of alcohol, drug to get the same effects, similar to when you commenced. The same thing applies to addictive acts, as there is usually the urge to carry out the same act, probably for a longer duration or in a more intense manner.

Being addicted for a while could result in a vicious cycle of addiction, whereby the individual would continually use alcohol or drugs, in order to avert the awkward symptoms which comes with withdrawal. When the person comes to realize that there is a serious problem, it would be difficult to stop.

At this point the treatment of addiction becomes a Professional matter. Seeking Addiction Treatment Program that have trained staff that can help you walk down the road of recovery. Facilities like this can help identify the Roots behind the addiction.