When an individual is addicted to alcohol, it means that the person cannot do without taking alcohol. If it is within their financial capacity, they will not mind taking alcohol several times a day. The reason why alcohol is so appealing to them is because their pleasure levels are triggered anytime they take alcohol.

It is important to know that alcohol addiction does not happen overnight, it stems from alcohol abuse. So, an individual begins to abuse alcohol before they become addicted. And the same thing applies to drug abuse.

There are various causes of alcohol addiction, ranging from psychological causes, genetic causes and environmental causes. And sometimes, these causes are independent of each other. For instance, someone whose family has a history of alcohol addiction has a tendency to be addicted to alcohol.

Also, an individual who lives in an environment where people abuse alcohol, would likely join in the act, because of the indirect undue influence. It even becomes worse if the individual is young and his or her mate already abuse alcohol.

For psychological causes of alcohol addiction, it means the etymology of the addiction problem might be due to mental factors like stress, anxiety, depression and the likes.

Alcohol addiction has a variety of effects which affects the physical and mental make-up of an individual. It affects the internal organs like the brain, pancreas, liver, heart, kidney amongst others. Then, the person might experience a drastic weight loss or weight gain. In some cases, the person might have occasional slurred speech, dry-eyed etc.

If you are very observant, it is easy to know those who are addicted to alcohol because they would not behave like normal humans. And people like this need help because if they continue in that manner, their state of health would get worse, and the likeliness of getting rid of addiction reduces.

The first step to defeating alcohol addiction is by accepting that you have an addiction problem. Then, you will need to undergo detoxification, counseling and therapy sessions that are aimed towards bringing your life on track.